Centrality of the Coss

Keeping what is sure and certain through our times of worship is essential. The Word is at the core of how we worship, but also the Cross of Christ.

Matthew 12 v 34. Out of the overflow of our hearts our mouths speak.

The more we take on the Word, the more it will flow not just out in our worship, but in our daily speaking. It affects the way we talk to our kids, fellow workers, our church family and strangers we meet on the bus. If we are taking in the Word and keeping the Cross central, what comes out of us will be based in the Word and the Cross. We will be bringing more and more of Christ into our daily lives.

Worship can lead us to keep the truths of God and His Word close to our hearts. Our minds will never be far away from praise if it full of His Word.

Send the fire

Lovely Wednesday evening meeting with the sun shining through the windows, singing “Send the Fire”. As I looked round and saw the response and reactions of those around me, I realised how profound the words of the song were. Can we sing or read those words without being moved? If we are not moved by those words, why not?

I know singing is not everyones cup of English tea, but worship is more than singing. It is our life, our work, our thoughts, our all. So, can we take the words we sing on a Sunday or a midweek meeting and take them for the next 7 days? I think we can. We can meditate on them, pray them, and chew our way through them in the evening rush hour sat in the traffic. I truly believe that the songs we sing about who God is, how awesome and mighty He is, His wonderful gift to us, can only change us, and keep changing us all through our walk with Him. So how can we NOT be moved by the songs about Him.

I know from being a worship leaders wife, the impact that songs have on us. My husband is very careful not to use songs that can influence a reaction that is not Spirit led. Every Worship leader has the same influence on the congregations they lead. Emotions can run very high and be more receptive to outside influence when they are in the place of seeking God and His voice.