He knows

It can be easy to forget that Jesus was human, that He was made mortal for a time. He had a plan to complete. One that was started many years before He came to earth. He knows how it feels to be down, to feel away from God. He knows how it is to feel your calling is too much for you. In the garden, he begged for the calling to be taken from him, but only by Gods own will.

Jesus completed the call by dying on the cross and defeating death by being raised from the dead. He defeated the fear of death, so we know we can be with him forever. Why then, do we still live in the shadow of the Fall? Why do we still live as if Jesus didn’t deliver us?

He knows what it is to be human and to have the thoughts and doubts that we are not worthy. All He asks us to do, is to take hold of what He fought for. He wants us to be with Him, and to live a life of victory, because the most precious blood in the whole of Earths creation was spilled for us. The blood of the King of kings.

Addictions, fears, worries, sins and blackness exist. We cant live and lead our services convincing ourselves that if we do not mention them, they will go away. There are far too many wonderful christian people who are living in the dark and not in victory because they are scared to say where they really are in their faith and in life. We need to acknowledge that sin is very real. Addictions are very real. Doubts are very real. Confusion, fear, worry are all real. They need bringing in the light so they can be dealt with, without judgement, without critical eyes.

Open up to the new life that has been given free of charge. Open your eyes to the pain and suffering all around us, not in our workplaces or streets alone, but in our churches themselves.

He knows what it is to suffer, but He also gave freedom.

Worry Idol

Heard the most amazing phrase the other day. Worry Idol. Where we can allow ourselves to be anxious or to worry where there is no worry, and let it run our lives and decisions. We can say that we care by our worrying. Our kids at school, and we worry the school is going to fall down, a plane will crash, they will hurt themselves in the playground. These can be worries that never come true, and statistically will never become reality. There are obviously things that go wrong in our lives that can cause anxiety or worry, but usually God gives us the knowledge or grace to overcome or to work out those situations.

We can allow anxiety to overtake our lives and to ruin our day to day joy, to the point we make ourselves ill or very stressed. If you feel that there is significant worry or anxiety that seems to be getting worse and worse, maybe it is time to speak to your pastor or elders for prayer, or to speak to your doctor to make sure you are not poorly or something else is not going on, and if needed give you the right medication you need for however long it takes to get you through.

Seeking help for anxiety is never a bad thing. It doesn’t involve stigmas and should never cause you to feel like a failure. Seeking help when you feel helpless, is a very brave thing to do, and I really commend you for it. We are pushed in society to look like we are perfect and have the perfect life. In society there is no real place for help and counselling care. We are left with a growing part of our society that are being pushed to the side lines because they ask for help, and need work and care. They should be loved and nurtured by the Church and by their families, probably more than anyone else. They have been brave talking about how they really feel in the first place.

Is the Church ready for tackling this growing number of people?

I hope so.