New resolution

So, new year, new pages to be written and fresh, clean days to be filled.

The only resolution I did this year was a promise to myself to write more. Nothing else. Otherwise it would have been the usual stuff that I say to myself year after year and remain unfulfilled, year after year. Do you do that as well?

Why do we do it to ourselves?  We make our self look like we failed when in actual fact we have accomplished so much over the year, done so much to be proud of, but we only look back on the promise we made at midnight, usually a little tipsy, and most definitely very tired, to base our year on.

So what if you didn’t lose those few pounds, but you graduated from college with really good marks. Who cares if you didn’t go to the gym religiously 3 times a week, but you helped so many people with love and compassion. Does it really matter if you didn’t get the promotion for working 100 hours a week because you chose instead to spend those extra hours with your family and spent precious time with your children. These things mean more in the future and the year ahead surely?

So, new resolution…… something more for me and my family than before. What do you really want to happen in 2018?