Parenting is an amazing gift from God, and the child or children themselves are truly gifts. It was never written that it was easy, it will never be a straight path, and in a lot of ways it is an un-thanked path we travel. Through prayer and the Word, we get the best parenting advice we could ever possibly need.

Some of the best parents I know are single parents, both Mum or Dad. When a single parent takes on the role of both parents, they make a brave choice to keep going, to keep their child/children safe and to not let them be deprived of the feel of both parents being there. What a brave decision to make every day, every morning before you get out of bed, to try to be both parents to your family. I am very blessed to have my lovely husband here, but know that is becoming the less normal way of life. There are more and more children growing up in broken families, including me, who live with one or both parents absent from their life.

How can we reach these broken people, broken families? How can we love some of these beautiful kids who are living in a different world to how some of us grew up?

Just one word really….. love.

Unconditional love that doesnt stop, even when that love may be thrown back at us. Keep loving, keep praying for them and never let them down. Ever.

So many people may have let them down, and sadly many of us know how hard that is for a child through our own experiences of life. If you have allowed a child or young person to trust you, or the child/young person has allowed you to be a part of their life, you must take that as your chance to help. Commitment is something lacking today in most relationships. If you commit to being a good part of someones life, never break that trust. The damage that could be done could be life changing for them and even for you.

Keep loving. Keep praying. Make sure you have prayer support.