Do we talk too “christian”?

So what is it that we talk about the most during the day? Do we talk about ministry, the book we are reading, the new cd we have just bought, or in some cases the new cd we have just released? Do we tell everyone how much time we spent this week in prayer, reading the Word or time spent with others in ministry situations? Did we spend an hour in a coffee shop with a friend and discuss what we watched on tv the night before, or on the film we saw last week? Do we talk about the new gear the church has just bought, the great preach we gave or the amazing conference we went to the other month?

When in all the boasting, in all the pride or all the distractions, did we talk about Jesus and what He has done for us and how we love to praise our Eternal God for just being eternal? The amount of time we spend talking about Jesus and His amazing sacrifice shows the degree in which He is placed in our lives. How many more could we give the Gospel to if we stopped talking about ourselves and spend more time with the name of Jesus on our lips? We are in danger of losing the blessings that come with working for Christ by the boasting of these events to others. If we were not full of pride in ourselves, we would not want to talk about what we have done, but what God has done. We would want everyone to know who He is and what He has done.

It may sound so spiritual to use long words in a “christian” way, and others may think we are very clever for using them, but what about those who don’t go to church and we still speak to like that? It is off putting for them, and in a way makes us look silly. We have enough media making us look stupid or radical in a bad way, why make it worse by becoming the people they present us to be?

Maybe if we are more loving and Christ like, we will have even more opportunities to reach the lost and the lonely who are looking for reasons to why they are even here. Why do we live and what do we live for? A question not just for the unbelievers I think.

More than 10,000

Reading a book by Tim Hughes and listening loads to Matt Redman’s album 10,000 Reasons this last week. In a way, both are good teachers of worship by different methods. One by singing, one by reading. There are many different forms of worship, but all should get us to the same place. A place where we have put God first and fallen to our knees in worship, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Worship for the Lord can be by putting other people before ourselves, maybe by letting them take credit for something we may normally feel we deserve the credit for. If we are putting Gods desires first, maybe life and its struggles dont feel the same. Worries dont feel so bad, stresses dont feel quite so stressful. We can love rather than feeling resentment, hate, dislike, sarcasm, critisism.

Serving God and our fellow members is a big part of worship. Yes, we may not get to much thanks for putting chairs out, tidying the kitchen or cleaning after coffee time, but it can be worship to the Lord when we do it for Him. Does it really matter if we dont get thanks here, but when we get to heaven there is our Lord, telling all around the same as He said of His own Son, “Here is my child, who I am well pleased and love”. I want that. I really do. Its just so hard to keep those bad emotions and feelings about other down and to make the decision to feel different and to push others forward to the rewards we may feel we deserve more than them.

We really do have 10,000 reasons to thank God for. But we also have thousands and thousands of 10,000 years to worship Him and be with Him. I cant wait, and sometimes feel the same as Paul. I want to go and be with my Father, but feel that He has more work for me to do with my children and church. How hard is the choice?!?!? Worship forever, or fulfilling His work.