The gift of a mentor

Mentoring is something I feel we need to see more of in our churches. As far as I can see, there is no one willing to stand up and step up to the job of mentoring the next generation of believers, or even this generation to help us become stronger and more grounded in our faith. To be a mentor is a gift. A gift of passing on all you have learnt or been taught. A gift of friendship and accountability of your actions and words.

Generations before us had so much they could teach us, and it is for us, now, to teach what we know. We may have had parents or relatives who taught us their knowledge and faith in God, and some of us had a good grounding this way. New believers sometimes get a “buddy” for a while to answer questions and to learn from them for the beginning. It is the giving of precious time and effort in someone else’s life, not a control measure and should never be used as such.

Mentoring is not for condemnation, but for a check of the heart to make sure we do things in  the right attitudes. It is allowing yourself to come alongside someone and sharpen their spiritual edges. A walk with them helping them not to stray, and if they do, a gentle hand held lead back to where they should be through prayer and support.

I wish I had a mentor while I was new in the Lord, and beyond, and also hope that one day I will be in a place to mentor someone else and pass on to them some of the amazing things my friends and leaders of my church have given me over my walk with God.