Do we talk too “christian”?

So what is it that we talk about the most during the day? Do we talk about ministry, the book we are reading, the new cd we have just bought, or in some cases the new cd we have just released? Do we tell everyone how much time we spent this week in prayer, reading the Word or time spent with others in ministry situations? Did we spend an hour in a coffee shop with a friend and discuss what we watched on tv the night before, or on the film we saw last week? Do we talk about the new gear the church has just bought, the great preach we gave or the amazing conference we went to the other month?

When in all the boasting, in all the pride or all the distractions, did we talk about Jesus and what He has done for us and how we love to praise our Eternal God for just being eternal? The amount of time we spend talking about Jesus and His amazing sacrifice shows the degree in which He is placed in our lives. How many more could we give the Gospel to if we stopped talking about ourselves and spend more time with the name of Jesus on our lips? We are in danger of losing the blessings that come with working for Christ by the boasting of these events to others. If we were not full of pride in ourselves, we would not want to talk about what we have done, but what God has done. We would want everyone to know who He is and what He has done.

It may sound so spiritual to use long words in a “christian” way, and others may think we are very clever for using them, but what about those who don’t go to church and we still speak to like that? It is off putting for them, and in a way makes us look silly. We have enough media making us look stupid or radical in a bad way, why make it worse by becoming the people they present us to be?

Maybe if we are more loving and Christ like, we will have even more opportunities to reach the lost and the lonely who are looking for reasons to why they are even here. Why do we live and what do we live for? A question not just for the unbelievers I think.

worship inside out

Worship comes from inside us. Its our heart attitude. Its what we believe about God and what He saved us from. That knowledge makes us want to worship Him when we truly grasp it all. Our lives and hearts change and worship flows from it. It never really matters how the people at the front of the church look. There may be an awesome band with lights, graphics, smoke or anything else, but if their hearts are not aligned with God, they are just putting on a show. God does not want shows, He wants hearts broken to Him.

We are there to worship God. The great Creator. The King over all. He who has risen from the dead to give us life eternal. We worship Him who is alive forever, and shows us how to live with Him forever.

Our worship begins and ends with God. Not music or words. Just Him.

My Anchor

After Advent has now come to a close, I looked back on how I have waited on God through the Season and the Prodigal parable. He waits for us, ever watching for us to come home, like the Prodigal parable. He also like to chase and keep us in His ever watchful sight. Wherever we go and whatever we do, He is following us and is there with us, gently prodding. As with the prodigal, He waits for us as our Father, but what a party He throws when we do come home!! God is very concerned about all of us, even the prodigals. See what He can and will do when we come back home. He watches always, even if He seems a long way from us. He is never more than a whisper or a plea away.

Our sure and certain hope is our Father God. He is our very reason to keep moving forward. Never backwards into the past. He is our future, and He has ordained it for us. Maybe this is the reason for the home coming party? He knows our future, but He also knows all the things that have happened to us in our past that shape us or change how we see and do things. We need to take the positives from our past and take them into our future. If we take our negatives with us, how they pull us down, keep us depressed, keep us from victory. When we look back over our tragedies, losses and disappointments, we can see how God has covered us with His love and His hope.

Our true homecoming is yet to happen. We have yet to spend our eternity in our eternal home. With our Father here on earth though, we can begin our eternal story and adventure.

You are my Anchor

My light and my salvation

You are my refuge

My hope is in you