Amazed all over

I have just got home from our service this morning where 3 lovely amazing ladies from my church got baptised! What an awesome experience and a privilege to be there and share the next part of their journey with them. Lots of tears and lots of joy mixed with all the love we have for them.
I remember my baptism many years ago now, and it made me wonder where my amazement went that has come back only in the last year. Did I just take God for granted? Did it become too normal? Why did I spend any time in my life not being struck by how wonderful my God is and what He saved me from? I want to know Him so much more and today has in a way renewed my zeal to want to spend the time I should in prayer and to get back that love and wonder those ladies had today.
We are all on this journey together, and are one massive family. Its emotional and fantastic. I cant wait for more. Lord, please fill me again with your passion and your love.