We all have family, we were born into one whether that’s where we stay or not. Family is blood, and no matter what, most families are there for each other no matter what happens.

We also know families that don’t work. We see arguments, fighting, and there can be the most horrible gossiping and back biting. There is a point when “family” becomes just biology. Yes, there is a link of blood, but it means nothing. It’s just biology.

There are others in our lives that feel like family or become more to us than family. We can meet people who we bond with right away or who take us into their families where we feel more at home or welcomed than our own. These people and families are precious.

Sometimes actively finding another family can be good and therapeutic, especially where there has been abuse or neglect. Just because we are blood related to someone doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s suitable for us to be within that fold. Everyone has the right to make sure they are safe both physically and emotionally. Biology doesn’t always work out for everyone.