Genesis or science?

Its so easy to listen to the media, social media, newspapers and everywhere we get our information and believe it with blind faith. They tell us something, we listen and take it as fact without using our own initiatives and checking out the things that make a difference to our belief systems and how we view the world and those who live in it with us.

Genesis has always been a touchy subject, splitting the world of science and religion. Have you took it as fact that the scientists have it right, faith in the actual words in the first book of the Bible without checking it out so you are fully informed?

I’m not here to say what you should or should not believe, noone has the right to do that. I have spent a few years making sure that what I believe about scripture and the world CAN be backed both with science and the Word. It then isnt just a blind faith in what I am told, but it means I can make more sense of it in my head.

I was brought up in a brethren church, so as a young girl was discouraged from asking questions within a church setting which was very frustrating. This meant that as an adult I find things out for myself and prefer to make my own views and own research. With the internet, we have it all available so easy, and all the answers are there to be found. I encourage my own children to do the same, even if it is different to my end answer. Thats what makes us human and gives us the free will to believe what we want to. I just want to make sure that what they believe has been fully researched and they are completely informed in those choices. Thats one of the best things I can do for my boys as they grow up into men. Informed and completely understanding their belief and faith in the world and God.

Looking at the research, science and Genesis can be allies and I dont believe that when it comes down to it that one disproves the other. But thats just me.

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  1. A Lighthouse in a Dark World
    May 23, 2017 @ 15:34:27

    I love your page! So beautiful, but simple. Thank you for reading my blog, and I’m definitely a follower of yours.
    I especially like your comment on “her views from the pew.” Words are powerful, and they’ve changed history. If you ever decide to share your wisdom and write a book on all your experiences, please consider CrossEffective Publishing. We believe like Myles Monroe, that everyone has a book inside of them, and that if folk don’t share it they’re a generation thief. Stay blessed, and keep writing! Kari


    • The Minstrel's Wife
      May 23, 2017 @ 16:39:44

      Thank you for your lovely encouraging comments! I have thought about putting these ramblings of my life into some form of devotional / book, but never really got too far. I wouln’t really know where to start! Any ideas? Blessings, Zoe.


      • A Lighthouse in a Dark World
        May 25, 2019 @ 20:11:32

        Zoe, I don’t know if you ever got my reply – I can’t see it here – but I can help.
        It’s become more of a ministry than I ever thought, and I love bringing people’s dreams to life!
        Please feel free to call any time, 910-824-5152, or email, pinkutoday@gmail.

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