Made for each other

God made us for relationship. He made Eve for Adam because he was on his own and needed someone of his own kind to be in relationship alongside God. We need others in our life, its just the way God made us.
God made us in His image, in His likeness. To be like Him. In the same way, God is not isolated and wants to be in relationship with us and this is the way He reveals Himself to us. He is a triune God. Three in one, and in relationship with all who come to Him from every part of the world.
We need others, and this is how we are made. We need to be involved in healthy, safe, enriching relationships to become more of who God made us to be. To be in relationship with others can be costly, can be challenging, but they can be so valuable.
I have to be able to bring to God and deal with anything that could stop me developing relationships with anyone. Do I need to forgive? Do I need to let go of something? Do I have preconceived ideas of who you are and how you will be? Am I put off by some of the challenging things that I can see? Have you let me down before, and I feel unwilling to let you have another chance? Is it something I did to wrong you? Did I let you down? To relate to you properly, these all need dealing with.
Don’t fight starting or moving forward in relationships with each other. Work with it and don’t let any challenge put you off. Being with church family, friends, family, work colleagues, they will enrich your life and enrich your relationship with God. We are made for relationship, its just the way God made each and every one of us.

Looking still to revival….

I have to say for a while now I have longed for revival and equally been scared for what I was actually asking for. Revival starts with ourselves and our hearts along with the heart attitude of the Church we live and belong to. It begins with total repentance and giving ourselves fully over to God, to be sanctified/made holy.
Duncan Campbell said of the Hebrides ref
vival, “The difference between successful evangelism and revival is this: in evangelism you have the two, the three, the ten, the twenty and possibly the hundred making confession of Jesus Christ. And at the end of the year you are thankful if half of them are standing. But the community remains untouched….But in revival when God the Holy Spirit comes, the wind of heaven blows, suddenly the community becomes God conscious. A realisation takes hold of the young, middle-aged and old.”
If the Church praying for revival was truly sanctified, they would’t be able to sin any more. It would’t even enter their heads. They possibly would have a greater resistance to temptation because they felt so close to God and His Spirit. The Church needs to be set apart from the world around it. Why would anyone want to be part of a Church that is no different to anything or anyone else. When it comes down to it, they don’t.
We need to seek God and His holiness as this could be the key to reviving our areas.