Gifts and Talents

Being part of a church family is inspiring for me. I look at the wonderful talented people around me, and the things they can do, and I am constantly amazed. There are so many gifts, but so many jobs to be filled within the church. We all contribute to how our churches are run in many ways, and many of those within church are involved in lots of rotas, jobs and skills with little time to just sit and be.
Too many of us are trying to do things we are not called to do, and try things we are not shaped by God to be. If the ability from God is not there for a post that needs to be filled, it can cause more problems and can be counterproductive.
We must try to be the very best we can be when we work for the Lord. We must be able to give everything we have and excel. We need an understanding of how we have been made in God and His family. I have had a step back in this New Year and had a good think to see if what I am doing is what God wants, and it gives me a good chance to have this thinking time at the start of the year. It gives a chance to review the previous year and what I want to take with me into the brand new year.
Stephen Matthew from Life Church has a good acronym for what I feel about my place in my local church family
N – Natural abilities
I – Imparted spiritual gifts
C – Character and personality
H – Heart: the things we love to do and are passionate about
E – Experiences: everything life has taught you so far

Ask God where your niche is and the skills and gifts He has given you. It is so fulfilling to be used and equipped and know that where you are liberating.

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  1. expectantlylistening
    Jan 13, 2015 @ 14:07:16

    Nice acronym! Totally agree, we all need to be working in our own areas of strength and passion, together we make a beautiful and impactful body.


  2. kbailey374
    Jan 13, 2015 @ 14:22:20

    I feel frustrated about the fact that so many “jobs” are not filled. It was the same when I was in other support groups – maybe 10% of the members doing all of the work. But if I keep my eyes on Him I am not so frustrated.


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