Leaving Christianity

A picture thought of my previous blog. Says it all really.

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One of the requirements for the journey that I have embarked on was to be absolutely honest regarding “Christianity.” But I had never contemplated that the outcome of this honesty would include leaving the same religion, which was not only hard, it was terrifying.

Many, many people are exiting Christianity and this is still happening on a large-scale today. Perhaps the keepers of religion are able to define someone when one leaves “the faith” and as a former “insider,” the reasons will generally be associated with scriptures from the Bible. But for the Bible to carry any weight, it must be infallible and inerrant, which is a doctrine as fresh as the nineteenth century. This is a period where the Pope was made “infallible” and the “Rapture” theory was established as well. But I agree with one well-known writer who quotes “the Bible is covered with human fingerprints.” 

With nowhere…

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  1. Terrance Thomas
    Oct 05, 2014 @ 15:30:52

    Great post!!! I can definitely relate


  2. Richard Edmondson
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 23:41:46

    It sounds like you are leaving Christianity yet moving closer to Christ, which maybe is not a bad thing. There are all kinds of ways of interpreting what’s in the Gospels, and there are many other Gospels besides the ones that were canonized into the New Testament. Some of the Gnostics thought of Jesus as living inside of us, which is not a bad way of looking at it–and some of them were, maybe, on some level at least, a little bit more socially conscious perhaps than the canonized gospel writers. For instance in the Gospel of Thomas you can find this little gem, attributed to Jesus: “Businessmen and merchants will not enter the places of my Father.” You’ll most likely never hear that quote from a preacher today, and I think that is THE most monumental failure of Western, mainstream Christianity: the failure to stand up and speak truth to power. It is a failure to remain relevant to the people it pretends to serve.

    The quote about the Bible being “covered with human fingerprints” bothers me a bit. I don’t know which part of the Bible the author is referring to, but I would caution you against placing a whole lot of credence in university-employed biblical scholars. Some of them are Jewish, some of them hate Christianity with a passion, and just about all of them have an ax to grind of one kind or another. This is not to say don’t read them–just read them with a degree of skepticism. Your best bet: become your own biblical scholar. Follow the Jesus that’s in your heart. And good luck on your journey.


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