Praise is my strength

Praise, not complaining. Praise is my strength, my joy, my peace. The Word of God is where my praise comes from. Its where my strength is the written word. The Word is where my God and Saviour is. He is in every letter, every word, every book.
Have you noticed that when we complain or whine, that we seem so tired? It is as if it takes from us. What is the answer to this? The only thing that can change us from the inside out…. Praise to and of our Father God!
God and praise of, and to Him goes before us into any battle we have. It shows itself in how we react to others, how we relate to everyone we have in our life or meet in the street. It shows itself in how we spend our times with God, and even the depths we go in the Word.
God loves our praise, and if we love Him as much as we sing about in church on a Sunday, we will want to do what He loves us to do. God knows what is best for us. He loves us to praise and He knows it brings so much back to us.
There is a saying “dance like no one is watching”…. why dont we praise like no one is watching? No one to judge how we worship. No restraint. No one to laugh or tell us we are doing it wrong. Just praise as if we are in the throne room of our Father. No fear, just praise.

School of revival

One of the many amazing stories of revivals that came through the Welsh revival and Northern Ireland is from the school in Coleraine. By the end of the day the whole school was on its knees and the local residents from the town were surrounding the school walls also on their knees. God touched the area so strongly, it only took one young lad being touched by God for it all to start. How awesome is that???

God moved because He wanted to. No Pastors, evangelists, teachers, no one. He moved the heart of one and let the joy and strength in the one boy move everyone else. Their hearts were open to the touch of God right then, not on the nearest Sunday service or Church school time. Right then. Just their hearts and the Holy Spirit.

If our hearts are closed to new ways of reaching the lost, or new teachings that sweep the Church, we will lose out on any blessing God wants to give us
His children at that time. Open hearts and souls will hear Him more, that small, still voice of calm. We can show the love of Christ and the wonder of the Gospel message to all people not dependant on situation or class system.

How much blessing can we receive if we are open? God alone knows. It cannot be measured by human standards. It can’t be weighed out with our scales. Only by heavenly ways. I don’t want to miss out on all that, ever.