Centrality of the Coss

Keeping what is sure and certain through our times of worship is essential. The Word is at the core of how we worship, but also the Cross of Christ.

Matthew 12 v 34. Out of the overflow of our hearts our mouths speak.

The more we take on the Word, the more it will flow not just out in our worship, but in our daily speaking. It affects the way we talk to our kids, fellow workers, our church family and strangers we meet on the bus. If we are taking in the Word and keeping the Cross central, what comes out of us will be based in the Word and the Cross. We will be bringing more and more of Christ into our daily lives.

Worship can lead us to keep the truths of God and His Word close to our hearts. Our minds will never be far away from praise if it full of His Word.

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  1. rolerrol
    Feb 23, 2014 @ 11:48:28

    Another great post. The word and the Cross are at the core of our worship! That is something to chew on. It brings meaning to what Jesus was saying when He said we should worship in spirit and in truth!



  2. ropheka
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 00:39:07

    Personally, I find the closer I get to Christ, the more isolated I am from others. It is that thier interests do not interest me and they are not interested in Christ.

    I agree with The Loneliness of the Christian
    by A. W. Tozer

    I can not count the number of times I praise Him for all blessing great and small through out the day.

    May your heart sing song of joy to the Giver of he best gifts there is every day


    • The Minstrel's Wife
      Feb 25, 2014 @ 09:51:26

      thank you for your encouragements. They are a real blessing.
      I feel we should not want to do as others do, because even the tamest activities can have negative effects on our lives and our walk with the Lord. I am sorry you sometimes feel isolated. The walk can be a lonely one for us at times, and a sad one when those we love do not believe as we do.
      Keep walking and keep living and loving.
      Many blessings
      If there is anything I can do or you want to talk, I am here.
      Love in Christ


      • ropheka
        Feb 26, 2014 @ 00:54:11

        Thank you for your beutiful comment sister.

        I am not lonely and perhaps did not see that in the article.

        I am just saying that the closer we get to Christ the further we get from the world.

        When I attended this church in China there was over two hundred attending. Out of them all there was only four of us that like to be together because we talked bout Christ. Everybody else talked about business, school or partying. I have found that a constant in every church so I enjoy going for nice long walks in the quiet forests and just being with my beloved. I do not talk about any problems, just want to be with them. It is a great experiance. I can function in society and casually talk with almost anyone but to get intamite is almost impossable. A few good friends are better than many good time friends.

        God bless you with His divine love, grace, wisdom and meekness.

      • The Minstrel's Wife
        Feb 26, 2014 @ 09:45:04

        thank you. its difficult to keep away from the world as everywhere we go is noisy and there is always music being blasted at us. being in the quiet of the forest sounds so beautiful.
        god bless and keep you.x

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