Can I praise in everything?

We are called and commanded to praise in all situations, but how hard is it really? Is it something that we can make ourselves do, or is it too hard and we have to force our mouths to say the words of praise to God that He deserves?

Out of our mouths can come death, life, praise, birth, positives, negatives and everything else in between. Can what we say over ourselves or others cause that much damage? Can we really build ourselves up or down with what we say mentally or verbally?

I really believe we can. We have the power of life in our mouths, not just our hands or actions. If we tell someone about Christ, but talk bad, or down about others, or even complain about or church family or life, what example are we setting. On the Monday mornings in the office or school yard, are we complaining about how boring the service was, or how someone was mean to us? How are we to get others to church or to believe in our Lord, by that kind of talk that makes us no better than anyone else? We are looked at differently. People put higher expectations on us when we say we go to church, or are a Christian. They need to see and also hear a difference, see and hear a different kind of living.

I know how hard it can be for myself to keep praising or to keep God in the place He should be. He has done so much for me, and saved me from so much, so why can it be so difficult to say Thank You? Start the day with thanks and praise and we will see a difference. Not maybe on what life throws at us, but certainly on how we view it and how we act and talk about it all. There is a big difference with praise. A thankful heart is a changed heart.

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  1. A Servant
    Jan 25, 2014 @ 18:31:16

    If Jesus can wash the feet of the betrayer we can surely put a smile on our face even if the forecast calls for stormy weather.
    A Servant


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