Just sit

I don’t know about you, but just sitting, not doing anything, just being, is really hard to do. At least for more than 5 mins! To sit, and just be, with God is vital, and very important. It is difficult in the busy world we live in and the busy lives we lead, to take the time to sit and do nothing. Learning the joy of being with God, and just letting Him be with me in silence and allowing Him to speak in complete peace is something unusual in our lives.

We feel that we need to do something all the time. Busy church, doing spiritual things, on the go. It can be good things that we fill out time with. Maybe things that actually need doing, because if we don’t do it, it will not get done properly. Well, maybe it wont. So what?

Jesus said on the cross “It is Finished”. So why do we feel that we need to keep busy and do lots of things to fill our lives? If it is finished, we dont need to buy or do anything. It was given freely and we can’t run around before we sit with the Lord so He can minister to us and give us the resources we need for the lives we live. He will never ask us to do anything without making sure we are equipped for that job before we start.

Jesus expects high standards from us, but only because He expected it of Himself in His own life. He knows we can do it or it would never be asked of us. In everything, sit first, and then live the life you have been given with strength and purpose. Above all with the faith that He never leaves us to do anything alone.

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  1. lyssaloo2009
    Sep 10, 2013 @ 18:45:48

    I love that this is called “Just sit”. Sometimes, all we NEED to do is sit and meditate upon God and His will. When things get crazy and chaotic (as they tend to do in life), we can become confused and easily irritated. We may not always understand God’s plan for our life or the direction of our path, but we don’t need to. We only need to sit and wait on Him! Great piece!


  2. Ann
    Sep 10, 2013 @ 19:01:56

    Wow, I really needed to hear this right now. What a challenge! Baby steps 🙂


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