I have to say that I have the utmost respect for anyone who takes the mantle of leadership in any way within a church setting. James Ch. 3 says that leaders are judged more severely than us pew filling members. There are always those who seek leadership, or want to be at the front of a church, which is slightly worrying that they don’t seem to see how hard these guys work!! Its not an easy job in any way, and all leaders in every denomination don’t have 9 to 5 jobs, where the phone stops ringing or their responsibility ends because the clock hits 5pm. We have had the telephone ringing, and unsociable hospital trips with troubled friends at very unsociable hours, which when you have kids, you are more likely to be awake with the little bundles of snot and poo whatever time the phone or emails go!!

We have always tried to make sure that our home is welcoming at any time, with advice, help and of course oodles of tea and custard creams (which both make everything OK!) Giving time and listening with an open ear and mind, is not a part of leadership, but a part of loving without barriers.

Leadership with love is a gift that can only be given from God, not learnt along the way or by however many degrees you may have, though that is very clever of you and and I take my blonde hat off to you for doing them.

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